Softline – styl to sam człowiek




Fancy and young at heart plus size clothing (XXL size) was and often still is a dream for many Polish women.

We are perfectly aware of the fact that shop owners often forget about fleshy ladies ignoring plus size in their collections. Because of that we decided to create extraordinary place where all women will feel freely choosing from fashionable and high quality clothes. Our XXL collection is in line with innovative stylization. We follow the latest trends in plus size fashion

We offer clothes in various styles and colours test efficiently cover up sensitive parts of our body and expose wonderful full shapes. Our goal is to ensure that all our customers will feel comfortable, self-confident and elegant. Dresses in XXL size give women opportunity to be stylish and alluring. Our XXL trousers are perfect solution for work, cinema or a leisurely stroll. For many years we help women who want to expose their shapes and feel self-confident.
Plus size clothes don’t have to be boring and inattractive. It can be elegant, stylish and comfortable. Especially dresses for bigger ladies will perfectly expose their shapes and will be a perfect solution for all seasons of the year. Big sizes don’t limit aesthetics and modern design. Together with a good style and proper accessories give chance to feel freely in all situations.
We encourage you to check our offer of clothes and accessories for all occasions. XXL dresses in Warsaw? XXL trousers in Warsaw? Beautiful accessories and suits? All of that you can find in our stationary and online shop. Check out our discounts for many interesting products.

New models are available for sale every 14 days on average.

We wish you enjoyable shopping experience in our online store!